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Dolby and Associates

was founded in 1979 and has a long record of providing quality professional engineering and design services to all clients, whether they have a large commercial project, residential project, or a single-family home.

Civil Engineering

Septic System Design

Dolby and Associates has been designing septic systems for over 20 years in Delaware and the Eastern Shore of Maryland. We have handled projects ranging from large commercial sites to developments to single family homes.

We design all types of engineered septic systems (Delaware Class C Designs) including LPP systems, elevated sand mounds, pressure dosed beds or trenches, drip systems or peat filtration systems. We design both small residential systems and large on-site systems. In Delaware we work in Sussex, Kent and New Castle County and in the Inland Bays area in compliance with the Inland Bays Pollution Control Strategy. Some of the services we provide are as follows:

  • Design conventional septic systems such as gravity and pressure dosed beds and trenches, Low Pressure Pipe (LPP) systems, elevated sand mounds (ESM) and Wisconsin at Grade systems. We also design grease traps and holding tanks.
  • Design innovative and alternate techonology systems and advanced treatment to meet Inland Bays or tidal waters of the Chesapeake Bay Nitrogen Performance Standard Nitrogen Level 2 and 3 (PSN 2 and PSN 3). Systems can be small residential sanitary waste systems or large custom designs for more difficult wastewater streams such as restaurants, ice cream shops or marinas.
  • Perform construction inspections (open trench inspections) or class H inspections to determine the condition of an existing septic system at the time of a home sale or home replacement for the seller, purchaser, realtor, mortgage company or home builder. After the inspection we can prepare applications for component replacement and authorization to connect a new structure to the septic system.
  • Provide project management services where we take your on-site wastewater project from the soil feasibility study, through design and permitting and into construction inspection and startup.
  • Provide certified service provider services for some brands of equipment to satisfy the DNREC requirement for (O & M) service contracts on innovative alternative technology and advanced treatment systems.

Stormwater Management Plans

We provide sediment and stormwater management plans for land disturbances greater than 5000 square feet in compliance with DNREC requirements.

Sewer and Water System Design

We provide sewer and water system design and layout and prepare construction drawings for private or municipal sewer systems.

Site Design and Site Planning

We provide site design and construction drawings for commercial lots or developments.

CAD Drafting Services

We can prepare your rendering or construction drawings for a wide range of projects. We use the latest Auto Cad program and create an electronic file that can be easily revised in the future during construction, when the as-built drawing is prepared or when future construction changes are made.

Railroad Design

Track and Siding Design

We provide railroad track design including the layout, subgrade, ballast section, track components, turnouts and all other items required for a construction drawing.

Track Maintenance Planning

We can study your existing railroad track and provide a condition assessment and develop a multiyear maintenance plan that will provide for a safe operation while minimizing the yearly expense.

Track and Vehicle Quality Assurance Inspections

We provide quality inspections such as first article or preshipment inspection services for materials being purchased by a client for track construction or maintenance or rail vehicle component inspection for vehicle assembly or repair.

Language Classes & Translation Services

French and Spanish

We provide language classes and translation services for the French and Spanish languages.

ESL Classes

Although many non-native English speakers may seem fluent when conversing, their comprehension is often below par. ESL classes not only sharpen comprehension but also improve the writing skills and confidence of your staff.

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